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Posted: 2022-10-02



Digital Art Project meeting was held in Athens, Greece. Alongside the project coordinator Italy, the meeting was attended by partners from the host Greece, Portugal, Turkey and Bulgaria. The training of the project is in Karditsa, Greece between the dates of 15-18 March 2022.

The project was created to satisfy the need of offering innovative cultural models to the community and overcome social difficulties (isolation, inadequacy, distress) that emerged through various surveys conducted on adults. It has been shown that the lack of mastery of digital tools also means being isolated from the rest of the community and from the needs of everyday life.

The objectives of the project are:

  • Become aware of the artistic and cultural heritage of one’s country
  • Become aware of the importance of ICT
  • Help adults in acquiring the basic life skills and competences necessary to overcome isolation and become an active and aware European citizen
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the cultural diversity of European civilizations and their value
  • Encourage the learning of modern foreign languages
  • Know the common roots of the European community countries
  • Develop, promote and disseminate training courses for teachers with innovative content
Posted: 2022-03-16
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