Alayode Michael Ajibua, Alayode Michael Ajibua, Olaniyi Bamidele Bewaji, Abiodun Bukola Olatunde


Exercise is a component of physical activity done with the intention of getting physically fit to carry out daily activities without undue stress. Habitual participation in exercise is beneficial to all categories of people, including pregnant women. The pregnancy period is regarded as a period of inactivity, but exercise during pregnancy has significant positive health benefits for the mother and the fetus. Despite the positive gains of regular engagement in exercise, many pregnant women do not participate in exercise. To increase participation of pregnant women in exercise, there is a need for women to understand the positive effects of exercise on women during pregnancy and to know exercise protocols for all the stages of pregnancy and the postpartum period. It is believed that if women are aware of the gains of participation in correct exercise regimen during pregnancy, they will be encouraged to engage in it regularly. Through this study, exercise professionals will be kept abreast of the latest research discussions in this area.


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.53016/jerp.v2i2.15


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